BODY HARMONISER is a broad-spectrum bioactive peptide – a preparation consisting of cell molecules of all organs of the human body and, in the case of auto-immune damage, thymus molecules are added, which together with the bone marrow create a ratio of T lymphocyte formation that regulates the immune system. At the same time, these preparations create harmony of the immune system and at the same time they repair the damaged organs as we had the opportunity to see in patients in many diagnoses, or as prevention at the age of 40 years of human life.

BODY STIMULANT from plant mixtures is designed for physical exertion or sports performance to stimulate physical performance and eliminate the crisis of carbohydrate to fat burning. It provides energy during the day and during sleep nourishes the parasympathetic which controls and keeps the organism calm while relaxing and digesting. It helps the body to better endure physical performance. The contents of one vial provide the body with enough energy to use quickly.