About peptides

Peptides are chains of amino acids of connected by peptide bonds: the bond c at the end of one amino acid with an n at the end of another amino acid. According to the number of amino acids which make up the peptides we speak about oligopeptides (2-10 amino acids), polypeptides (11-100 amino acids) and proteins (101 and more amino acids). Peptides fulfil many different functions in organisms: from tripeptide glutathion, which is a cofactor enzyme and protects plants and animals from oxidative stress, through peptides with a hormonal effect, such as, for example, oxytocins or vasopressin, neuromodulators (such as enkephalins or endorphins), natural antibiotics, toxins of plants, mushrooms, bees, snakes or peptide alkaloids. Peptides naturally occurring in the human body are important for all key biological functions, such as, for example, regulating blood sugar or the proper functioning of individual organs and systems.

Biologically active substances naturally occurring in organisms can be used for therapeutic purposes. Their unique character and the absence of negative influences on the human organism make them attractive candidates for treating disorders and illnesses. Individual specific ultrafiltrates are made up of peptides and other organic and inorganic components obtained from the cells of individual organs, systems of animal organisms and cells of plants and mushrooms for achieving biological and physiological equilibrium. These bioactive compounds have a supporting, regeneration and protective effect.

The molecular weight of organic and inorganic compounds in a nutritional supplement is standardized to a size of 5 kDa. Low molecular weight bioactive substances ensure the absorbing of soft tissues in the oral cavity. For ensuring the stability and activity of the substances in the nutritional supplement these are preserved in an isotonic physiological solution with a stable pH. Research has shown that the effects of bioactive substances have a high specificity for determined target receptors. Here they are joined to the “cell-cell” communication mechanism, and they start the regeneration and revitalization processes. The high specificity also reduces the chance of dangerous interactions with other substances and significantly lowers the side effects of the nutritional supplement.