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  • prevention
  • immunity
  • autoimmune disorders
  • allergies (seasonal and permanent)
  • resistance of the organism
  • liquidation of viruses

This product line deals with the subjects IMMUNITY and AUTOIMMUNITY, an imbalance in which causes serious problems in the human organism and significantly reduces a person’s comfort. The immune system is made up of cells and organs which cooperate in the defence of the organism and ensure harmonic activities of the organism as a whole.

Another admirable capability of the immune system is its ability to recognise everything that is foreign to the body. Our health is not only endangered by external influences but also things that occur within our body itself. Every day several billion of our cells multiply in the body. During such a great amount of activity an abnormal, damaged cell occasionally occurs, and the cells of a healthy immune system are able to reliably recognise and remove it in order to prevent its further reproduction.

Whether the origin of new cells is involved, the liquidation of old ones, or the creation of hormones or white blood cells is on the program, the immune system is present everywhere, so that if immunity fails or is weakened, an illness can thrive.

In relation to this it is worth mentioning autoimmunity processes which often have a more negative impact than lowered immunity. With autoimmune diseases the immune system does not stand against external enemies such as bacteria or viruses, but instead against the body’s own cells. This destructive process can afflict all organs. A mistaken immune system is no longer able to distinguish what is foreign to the body and what is not. Such a permanent defensive reaction against its own tissues leads to various chronic diseases.

The unique ability of the preparation is based on the capability of peptides to strengthen the immune system with insufficient immunity and at the same time to regulate the immune system in the case of an autoimmune disease by optimally lowering values. The result is a harmonized, immune system self-treating chronic diseases and an efficient immune system in the battle against external disturbances of the organism.

Opti-immunal treatment
Purify-prevent treatment
Life-force treatment
Imuno-recover treatment
Imuno-Prevent treatment
Allerg-Claim treatment