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nsliftEach of us knows that feeling of uneasiness. Nothing hurts and we are not ill, but we sense that something is not right with us. These states between health and illness can signal different problems in the mind which have not yet manifested themselves in the physical body. Stress, distress and fear are able to truly shake our state of health and contribute in no small measure to how we feel and how we are both physically and psychically. This product line is devoted to the subject of REGENERATION and STIMULATION. We know that life itself brings different challenges that we must face. Without good bodily condition and proper psychic tuning life loses its charm. The concept of regeneration includes in it activities which are focused on full and rapid recovery of all of our bodily and spiritual processes. Regeneration is an inseparable component which seeps into our lives. Our emotions, ideas and words influence our body and have a direct impact on our cells, our DNA and thus our health. Internal psychic discomfort can create different internal blockages which prevent normal healthy communication between cells, which influences many bodily functions.

a.) regeneration of:

  • organs
  • the CNS (central nervous system)
  • locomotive organs

b.) stimulation of:

  • organism through the physical side
  • psychic/psychosomatic influences
  • rediscovery of the meaning of life (especially during serious illnesses)
Complex-revital treatment
Digestive-complex treatment
NS-lift treatment
Vital pattern treatment
Grace-move treatment
Move-gain treatment
Mind-gain treatment
Spectro-gain treatment
Body-gain treatment
Royal-body treatment
Men-force treatment